MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT I AMPUTATION I LYFT ACCIDENT I UBER ACCIDENT I CASE RESULT – Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Amputation, Policy Limits Settlement of $1,000,000 John Doe v. Rideshare

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT I AMPUTATION I LYFT ACCIDENT I UBER ACCIDENT I CASE RESULT –   Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Amputation, Policy Limits Settlement of $1,000,000 John Doe v. Rideshare

By: Diana Adjadj, Esq.

September 09, 2022

Injury/Claim Cause of Action Settlement
Amputation; Foot Amputation; Open Fracture to Right Ankle; Abrasion to Left Elbow; Abrasion Right Hand; Back – Spinal Injury – Lumbar Disc Protrusion; Cervical Disc Protrusion; Radiating Sciatic Nerve Pain; TBI; Traumatic Brain Injury; Concussion; Loss of Consciousness ·      Negligence

·      Negligent Driving

·      Car vs Motorcycle –

Uber Accident – Lyft Accident –   Accident – Motorcycle Accident

Policy Limits Settlement weeks following the Uber Accident / Lyft Accident

$ 1,000,000.00


Amputation Cases – Policy Limits Settlement of $ 1,000,000 (One Million Dollars).

Motorcycle Accident resulting in amputation, case results in a one-million-dollar policy limits settlement weeks after the Uber accident / Lyft accident.

Amputation due to Uber Driver Negligence / Lyft Driver Negligence

Our offices recovered a $1,000,000 million dollar policy limits settlement just weeks after our client’s foot was amputated following a motorcycle accident. The at-fault driver was in the course and scope of his job as an Uber driver / Lyft driver when he made an illegal u-turn.  As a result of the Uber driver’s negligence, our client, who was riding a motorcycle was rushed to the emergency room and several days after the uber accident underwent a foot amputation. Several weeks following the rideshare accident our offices recovered a policy limits settlement of $1,000,000 from the rideshare company. 

Motorcycle Accident Resulting in Amputation – Case Results

Rideshare Accident: Our client John Doe, a young and health man in his late 20s, was riding home from work on his motorcycle when an Uber driver / Lyft driver made an illegal u-turn and crashed into our client. Our client’s foot was immediately crushed upon impact as it was stuck between the driver’s car and our client’s motorcycle. After the initial impact our client was ejected off his motorcycle and his body violently thrown across the roadway. It was a blessing that our client survived the motorcycle crash however he was left with permanent injuries, including an amputation.

Rideshare Accident – Amputation

Uber accident / Lyft accident: As a result of the motorcycle crash our client sustained the following injuries:

    • Amputation
    • Foot Amputation
    • Open Fracture to Right Ankle
    • Abrasion to Left Elbow
    • Abrasion Right Hand
    • Back – Spinal Injury – Lumbar Disc Protrusion
    • Cervical Disc Protrusion
    • Radiating Sciatic Nerve Pain
    • TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Concussion – Loss of Consciousness

Policy Limit Settlement

Our client was transported from the scene of the uber accident / lyft accident via ambulance and was admitted to the hospital where he underwent three operations. Despite treating physicians best efforts, they were unable to save our client’s foot and our client ultimately underwent an amputation several days following the motorcycle accident. Shortly thereafter, our offices extended a policy limits settlement demand to the rideshare company, and we successfully secured one-million-dollars for our client.

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