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Foreign Direct Investment Representation

Adjadj Legal Group provides experienced legal representation for international clients doing business and investing here in the United States. We specialize in representing international companies seeking to expand into the US market. We advise and represent companies doing business in the Middle East with a wide variety of legal representation including:

– Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
– Foreign Investment opportunities in the US
– Strategic Alliances
– Regulatory and Litigation Matters
– Bank Lending and Finance
– International Trade / Import and Export Matters
– Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Related Issues

We routinely assist our international clients in the following U.S. legal matters:

• Vendor and Contracting Agreements
• Purchase and Sale Agreements (Real Estate, Asset & Equity)
• Partnership & Joint Venture Agreements
• Investor Visas
• Real-Estate and Land Purchase

We work closely with law firms overseas and various entities and business to seamless represent our clients. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with more investors and international businesses and corporations in the future.

Middle Eastern Investor Representation

Our attorneys are fluent in Arabic and have extensive knowledge of the legal systems, and cultural influences that affect Middle Eastern investment domestically in the U.S. Doing business in the Middle East has unique needs and we specialize in understanding these needs and can help provide representation for Middle-Eastern countries.

If you are considering any sort of investment opportunity in the United States or looking to expand your business into the US market, we invite you to reach out to our offices today. Our experienced investment attorneys are ready to help. Please complete our online form or call today for a free consultation at 619-432-5145.

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