Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

While minimizing the risk of litigation is a critical priority for all commercial transactions, sometimes, legal disputes cannot be avoided. As experienced commercial litigators we understand the business implications of going to trial and bring a strategic, cost-effective approach to resolving our clients’ most critical disputes. We represent clients in a wide variety of business disputes. We have a strong background in areas ranging from breach of contract, securities and financial fraud to intellectual property law. Our team is able to competently and aggressively handle claims of unfair competition and unfair business practices, as well as most other types of commercial disputes.

Working with a Commercial Litigation Attorney

As a business owner and professional, you may find yourself involved in legal action, whether it is to pursue your own claims, protect your rights and interests or defend claims against your business. We, at Adjadj Legal Group, are experienced in handling a broad range of legal matters for business owners and professionals as plaintiffs or defendants, including but not limited to:

• Breach of Contract
• Misrepresentation
• Bad-faith Contractual Dispute
• Breach of Fiduciary Duty
• Business Disputes
• Business Torts (including interference with contracts and business relationships)
• Partnership Disputes
• Corporate Dissolution
• Unfair Business Practices
• General Business Litigation
• General Corporate Litigation

As commercial litigation attorneys based out of San Diego, California, we serve clients all over the world whom are engaged in commercial transactions in California. We help our clients manage the risks that endanger their companies as well as their market positions. We are equipped to do this in any forum, whether in trial court, through alternative dispute resolution or in private negotiations. Our clients choose us to handle their high-stakes litigation because of our ability to resolve exceedingly complex and contested matters successfully.

If you have a pending commercial dispute we invite you to reach out to our offices today. Our experienced commercial litigators are ready to help your business with any pending commercial disputes or arbitration matters. Please complete our online form or call today for a free consultation at 619-432-5145.

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