CASE RESULTS I PREMISE LIABILITY I SLIP AND FALL I PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT I – $500,000 John Doe v. ABC Restaurant – Wet Floor Signs Not Placed Prior to Fall

CASE RESULTS I PREMISE LIABILITY I SLIP AND FALL I PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT I – $500,000 John Doe v. ABC Restaurant – Wet Floor Signs Not Placed Prior to Fall

April 19, 2021

Our offices are happy to announce the settlement of a premise liability case for $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars).

Injury/Claim Cause of Action Initial Defense Offer Settlement
Back – Spinal Injury – Lumbar Disc Protrusion; L4-L5; L5-S1; Radiating Sciatic Nerve Pain


·      Premises Liability – Failure to Warn; Dangerous Condition

·      Slips, Trips & Falls – Slip and Fall

·      Worker/Workplace Negligence – Negligent Training

$ 40,000.00

(Forty Thousand USD) – Initial offer extended nearly three years post-incident

$ 500,000.00

(Five Hundred Thousand USD)

Back in May 2018 our client, John Doe 38-years-old, along with his wife and daughter entered a restaurant. While his wife and daughter were placing an order, John Doe walked to the back of the restaurant to utilize the restroom. Unbeknown to the family, while eating their dinner, Jane Doe an employee at ABC Restaurant was mopping the premise floor with water and failed to place wet floor signs or notify the family that the floor was otherwise wet. When John Doe got up to use the restroom he slipped on the wet and slippery floor directly impacting his lumbar spine.

ABC Restaurant did not adopt a company policy on how to mop the premise floor at closing. Further the restaurant failed to train and instruct employees to “warn customers about wet floors” and/or use the “wet floor” warning signs. In short ABC Restaurant failed to adopt precautions and measures on how to avoid accidents and injuries on the premise. As a result, defendant ABC Restaurant was negligent for creating a dangerous condition on the premise floor, failing to warn of the condition and further failing to adopt appropriate corporate policies and/or properly training their employees.

John Doe was not treated at the scene of the incident, however he sought out emergency medical treatment the following day. Medical imaging confirmed disc protrusions in John Doe’s lumbosacral spine. Ultimately John Doe underwent a microdiscectomy. The surgical procedure, reduced pressure in the lumbosacral spine, however John Doe had ongoing chronic pain which resulted in difficulties competing in the labor market given his disabilities.

After the initial round of expert exchanges and an unsuccessful mediation, the defendants agreed to settle for $500,000.00

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