SLIP AND FALL I PREMISE LIABILITY I PERSONAL INJURY – Were you Injured after Falling Down Stairs?

SLIP AND FALL I PREMISE LIABILITY I PERSONAL INJURY – Were you Injured after Falling Down Stairs?

August 03, 2020

Falling down stairs can cause major trauma and often lead to permanent personal injuries.  In regards to liability, we have an obligation to pay attention when walking down stairs; however, property owners and occupiers themselves also have an obligation to maintain stairways so that customers are not falling down stairs and preventing avoidable stairway falls.

While all property owners and premise occupiers have an obligation to maintain stairways open to the public and prevent stairway falls when possible; this duty is heighted for those whom are aware of previous slip and fall instances. Businesses with a history of customers falling down stairs on their premise have a heightened duty to take corrective measures because they are on notice of stairway falls.  When looking to avoid preventable stairway falls, common stairway hazards include:

  • Riser heights that violate the applicable building codes
  • Uneven staircases and unlevel stairs
  • Missing stairway handrails and stair rails are shorter then code requirements
  • Poor lighting
  • Dim lighting conditions
  • Conditions giving rise to limited visibility
  • Objects and trip hazards left on steps or at the base of the stairway
  • Missing or damaged handrails
  • Location of handrails are not to code
  • Slippery steps
  • Missing or damaged steps
  • Lack of warnings as to hazardous conditions
  • Dirty, discolored an dark stairways

Injuries from stair falls are a major concern.  On average there are one million reported instances where individuals fell down stairs and sustained injuries; 12,000 of these cases result in fatalities. Given that falling down stairs is a common occurrence business owners must actively maintain the premises so that preventable stairway falls are avoided.

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