CORPORATE LAW I BUSINESS FRAUD I CORPORATE FRAUD – What is Corporate fraud? What is Business fraud?

CORPORATE LAW / BUSINESS FRAUD / CORPORATE FRAUD – What is Corporate fraud?  What is Business fraud?  

May 15, 2019

Corporate fraud / Business fraud consist of illegal or dishonest acts committed by individuals or a business entity, which is designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating party, most often for financial or personal gains.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines corporate fraud or business fraud as follows:

“Business fraud consists of dishonest and illegal activities perpetrated by individuals or companies in order to provide an advantageous financial outcome to those persons or establishments. Also known as corporate fraud, these schemes often appear under the guise of legitimate business practices.” –

Examples of Corporate Fraud / Business Fraud include:

  1. Confidential or private information is wrongfully used for personal or corporate gains
  2. Taking leveraging sensitive assets for personal or corporate gains
  3. Corporate Fraud often involves disguising or misrepresenting: services, assets or company products to mislead investors, customers and other parties
  4. Non-delivery of merchandise after payment has been received
  5. Non-delivery of funding or payment after merchandise has been received or service has been rendered.


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