SLIP AND FALL I PREMISE LIABILITY – Who’s to Blame for Slip and Fall Accidents in a Parking Lot?

SLIP AND FALL I PREMISE LIABILITY – Who’s to Blame for Slip and Fall Accidents in a Parking Lot?

June 24, 2020

Common questions following a slip and fall accident include: “who is at fault for the slip and fall accident” or “who is to blame for the slip and fall accident in a parking lot”.  In short, all pedestrians have an obligation to look ahead of them and walk with due care, however; owners and occupiers of parking lots also have an obligation to maintain the parking lot premise in a reasonable safe condition, in order to avoid preventable slip and fall accidents.

Parking lots that are not commonly inspected, maintained and reasonable repaired create trip hazards, dangerous conditions and increase the possibility of slip and fall accidents for unsuspecting pedestrians.  Slip and fall accidents may result in significant long-term injuries such as hip and ankle fractures, spinal injuries, orthopedic back and shoulder conditions and in the event of cranial impact, traumatic brain injuries.  Often serious injuries sustained in slip in fall accidents require prolonged and extensive treatment.  Slip and fall victims may undergo orthopedic surgeries requiring hardware placement and prolonged post-operative rehabilitation and physical therapy. Despite prolonged treatment it is common that slip and fall victims never return to their baseline or pre-slip and fall condition.

The best way to avoid such slip and fall accidents in general, is for property owners and occupiers to maintain their premises and make reasonable repairs as to avoid preventable slip and fall accidents.  Specifically, parking lot owners and occupiers should be aware of the most common reason tragic slip and fall accidents occur on parking lot premises.  Parking lot owners fulfill their duty to act reasonably and maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition when regular site inspections are routinely conducted in order to inspect for dangerous conditions, there is consistent cleaning and landscape maintenance of the premise and reasonable repairs are completed when necessary.

Most common causes of slip and fall accidents in parking lots include:

  • Ice, snow and sleet
  • Spills
  • Debris
  • Eroded landscape and uneven foot paths
  • Pavement defects, potholes, unmarked wheel stops and unlevel asphalt
  • Limited Visibility and/or Poor Lighting
  • Lack of warnings or caution signs on known tripping hazards

When deciding whether or not you have a slip and fall accident case, slip and fall attorneys look to see if the parking lot owner breached their obligation to keep the premise in a reasonable safe condition and otherwise protect against foreseeable slip and fall incidents.  When determining legal liability for a slip and fall accident, there are many moving factors to consider, which is why a personal injury victim should consult a slip and fall attorney immediately after falling in a parking lot.

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