School Retaliation 

School Retaliation 

SDUHSD Retaliation I San Dieguito Union High School District Retaliation

School’s Suppression of Speech, False Imprisonment and Unlawful Arrests

School Retaliation, San Dieguito Union High School District Retaliation 12-year-old boy falsely imprisoned and wrongful arrest.

San Dieguito Union High School District – The Student Story

School False Imprisonment – School Seclusion Rooms

The 12-year-old student was walking back to his seventh-grade class following the school’s lunch break when the school principal pulled him away from friends and the student body population. The 12-year-old boy was falsely imprisoned and  told to sit in an empty room within the administrative building. During his approximate three-hour seclusion in an empty room the student asked the principal on several occasions why he was there to no avail. The minor child was made to sit in a dark room with the lights off and there was no explanation given. The school bell rang, classes were out for the day, yet the student was told to continue sitting in the seclusion room without reason or explanation.

SDUHSD Suppression of Speech – Social Media – Snapchat – Social Media Post

After nearly three hours in the seclusion room the student left. Twenty-five minutes following the dismissal bell, and failed attempts to understand what was happening the 12-year-old student exited the administration building. The student left the school premise with his friends. While off campus and after school hours, the student posted that he left the school. Following his social media post, the school principal called the police and reported the student. 

School Arrest – Unlawful School Arrest – School Files Police Report

In response to the school principal calling the police and filing a report, the police without investigation arrested the minor boy that day. An arrest was made following the school administrator’s police report.

School Corruption – False Admission – Retaliatory School Action – Juvenile Charges

In response to the incident, the school attempted to coerce the family and the minor into signing a false admission of guilt. The family pushed back. Following the family’s refusal to sign a false admission, the student was subject to numerous retaliatory actions. The school’s retaliatory actions included an expulsion hearing, infringement on the student’s right to education and juvenile criminal charges.

CBS covered this story in an article titled: “San Diego District Attorney Presses Felony Charge Against 12-year-old over Snapchat message

School charges minor Student with felony terror threat

Following the publication of this story, other victims surfaced and shared similar experiences. One such story included a former Torrey Pines High School Student that was charged with a felony terror threat for social media posts on Snapchat. In this matter, certain snapchat posts were wrongfully attributed to the minor.

CBS covered this story in an article titled: School threats | One district’s report first, investigate later policy

School Retaliation: Do you have a story to share?  Do you know of someone subject to a school districts’ corrupt and retaliatory practices? 

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