AVIATION LAW I AVIATION ACCIDENT I PERSONAL INJURY: Aviation Law – Regulations, Administrative Compliance and Aviation Accidents

AVIATION LAW I AVIATION ACCIDENT I PERSONAL INJURY: Aviation Law – Regulations, Administrative Compliance and Aviation Accidents

January 08, 2021

What is Aviation Law?  

Aviation law is not limited to plane accidents or aviation accidents exclusively. Aviation law encompasses all issues affecting aircrafts and airport operations.  Aviation law covers all issues relating to the maintenance, operation and regulation of aircrafts. An aircraft includes all vehicles or transportation that flies in the air.  Aviation law is multifaceted with arms in aviation regulatory compliance, aviation administrative law and civil litigation in respect to aviation accidents and plane crashes.

Aviation Regulatory law and Administrative Compliance

Aviation regulations and aviation administration compliance predominately operates on the federal level. Most aviation regulations and standards are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), passenger safety is predominately governed by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) while the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates aviation accidents. Furthermore, Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a ground -based communications system that oversees and directs airplane traffic on the ground, controlled airspace and provides advisory services to aircrafts in non-controlled airspace. In addition to federal aviation laws and aviation regulatory compliance matters, international flights are governed by international law and the laws of individual countries which the aircraft flies through.

Aircrafts and Aircraft Certification

As stated above, aircrafts include and relate to any and all vehicles or transportation that flies in the air. Aircrafts requiring aircraft certification can include:

  • Helicopters,
  • Commercial planes
  • Privately-owned planes
  • Jet Aircrafts
  • Commercial Passenger Jets
  • Turboprop Aircrafts
  • Single Piston Planes
  • Twin Piston Planes
  • Light Sport Aircrafts
  • Experimental and Homebuilt Aircrafts
  • Seaplanes
  • Piston Agricultural Aircraft
  • Turbine Agricultural Aircraft
  • Turbine or Piston Military Aircraft
  • Piston Amphibious Floatplanes
  • Turbine Amphibious Floatplanes
  • Piston Helicopters
  • Turbine Helicopters
  • Drones
  • Hang Gliders

Aircraft certification has multiple requirements depending on aircraft, intended use and other aviation factors. Some certification considerations include:

  • Aircraft Registration
  • Airworthiness Certification
  • Continued Operational Safety
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Design Approvals
  • Technical Standard Orders
  • Amended Certificates
  • International Aircraft Certification
  • Aviation Production Approvals

Aviation Accidents – Civil Aviation Litigation

Aviation accident law covers any accident involving an aircraft as listed above. A plane accident or aviation accident often results from improper aircraft operations or mechanical problems. Most often a plane accident or aviation accident results from one or more of the following:

  • Pilot error
  • Loss of Control
  • Human Error
  • Aircraft Automation
  • Aircraft Approach and Landing
  • Flawed Assumptions
  • Engine Failure
  • Poor Aircraft Maintenance
  • Negligent Aircraft Maintenance
  • Organizational Lapses
  • Non-addressed Pre-Existing Failures
  • Unintended Aviation Effects
  • Improper Aircraft Weight and Balance
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Avionics Confusion
  • Fuel Exhaustion
  • Aircraft Structural Failure
  • Aircraft Engine Failure
  • Flying in Inclement Weather
  • Landing and Takeoff Excursions
  • Improper Air Traffic Control Safety Knowledge and Training
  • Failure to comply with Pilot Licensing Requirements

Aviation Attorney

When facing an aviation legal issue, being represented by an attorney with hand-on flight experience can be beneficial when litigating aviation legal issues. The aviation industry is heavily regulated and retaining an aviation accident attorney with experience in flying aircrafts and in litigating product liability claims, personal injury, wrongful death, and negligence can assist injured victims in securing just and fair compensation.

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