AVAIATION LAW I AVAIATION ACCIDENT I PERSONAL INJURY: A Plane Crash resulting from Pilot Error Requires an Aviation Attorney

AVAIATION LAW I AVAIATION ACCIDENT I PERSONAL INJURY: A Plane Crash resulting from Pilot Error Requires an Aviation Attorney

January 15, 2021

Pilot error is often found to be the underlying cause of an aviation accident. Aviation accident law encompasses any accident that involves an aircraft, or any form of transportation that is flown in the air. This can include several types of flying devices, such as helicopters, commercial planes, privately-owned planes, drones, and hang gliders.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) divides aviation accidents into four general groups:

  1. Loss of control of an aircraft
  2. Controlled flight into terrain
  3. Plane approach and landing
  4. Aircraft automation

The most common issues the FAA has found stemming from these aviation accidents includes pilot error, product design, regulation violations, and mechanical failures. According to Boeing, about 80% of plane crashes or aircraft accidents are due to pilot error and 20% are due to equipment failures or product design flaws.

Pilot error can include a mistake, an oversight, a failure to use due care, or a simple lapse of judgment by the person operating the aircraft. The standards by which pilot error is determined will depend on the type of aircraft the pilot is operating – something an aviation attorney would be able to determine. Commercial pilots are common carriers, and typically held to a higher standard because they are regulated by standards of the FAA. Conversely, private pilots are held to common negligence standards, requiring reasonable care and due diligence.

If pilot error is the cause of harm, an aviation accident attorney would be essential in determining your recourse. The pilot may have violated a safety regulation or committed negligence. It may even be a product liability issue that an aviation attorney could litigate. An aviation attorney will often have experience practicing in areas such as product liability, personal injury, wrongful death, negligence, and aviation law.

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