United States Maintains the Number-One Position on the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index for Six Consecutive Years

The United States repeatedly proves to be a desirable venue for foreign investment. The 2018 A.T. Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, indicates that the US confidence score has increased even further in recent years. The continued confidence in the US market is attributed to the following:

(1) US offers one of the largest consumer markets on earth
(2) Companies recognize that the US is a nexus of innovation
(3) US is a stable market with a reliable legal system
(4) US consistently ranks as one of the best nations when it comes to ease of doing business. In fact the US has adopted an “Open Invest Policy” geared to attract foreign investors and encourage economic growth. Moreover, the new administration has recently made efforts to reduce regulations and simplify the tax code making the US even more appealing to investors.
(5) The US has abundant resources being the third-largest nation by geography and has one of the most diverse, skilled, innovative and productive workforces in the world.
(6) US hosts one of the most efficient financial markets in the world, with a wide range of funding sources from banks, investment firms, venture capitalists and angel investors.

Link: https://www.atkearney.com/documents/20152/1083013/2018+FDICI+-+Investing+in+a+Localized+World.pdf/ff9590ce-2328-39a8-6609-16643ffea30d

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