I am a Proud Adjunct Professor for Paralegal Studies

I am a Proud Adjunct Professor for Paralegal Studies

January 22, 2019


In the fall of 2016, I was offered a position as an Adjunct Professor for the Paralegals Studies program at Cuyamaca College in San Diego, CA.  Shortly thereafter, Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA reached out and asked me to take over the Civil Litigation Courses as an Adjunct Professor.  I have been honored to serve as faculty at both these programs.


Most recently while attending the 35thAnnual Economic Roundtable at USD, my belief in the power of the Paralegals Studies Associate’s Degree was renewed.  Among the many speakers and economists on the panel was Ms. Sarah Burns, Director of Research and Evaluation for the San Diego Workforce Partnership.


During her presentation Ms. Burns stated that there is a high demand for skilled employees in the San Diego market.  Most interestingly Ms. Burns’ presentation included statistics of Education desired by Employers and the break down is as follows:


  • 6% =          No formal education
  • 17% =          High school graduate or equivalent
  • 24% =          Certificate or Associates degree from community college
  • 19% =          Bachelor’s degree
  • 14% =          Master’s or other graduate degree (MA, MBA, PhD, JD)
  • 9% =          Master’s or other graduate degree + specialized certificate


In a follow-up slide Ms. Burns went on to include seven of the most “in demand” positions seeking an associates degrees and their respective starting hourly rate.  “Paralegals and Legal Assistants” made that list with a starting rate of $19.73/ per hour.


With the astronomical cost for tuition at private and public universities, as well as the lengthy time commitment it takes to secure a bachelor’s degree and/or graduate degree, it is worth exploring various associate degrees offered at your local community college. If you or someone you know is interested in earning a Paralegal Studies Associates Degree, I have included links below for the two colleges where I proudly serve as an adjunct professor.

SWCCD: http://catalog.swccd.edu/associate-degree-certificate-programs/paralegal-studies/#text.



Additionally if you missed the 35thAnnual Economic Roundtable at USD and are curious as to what the San Diego County economy looks like for 2019 and beyond, the roundtable can be watched at: https://livestream.com/SanDiegoCountyNewsCenter/2019countyofsandigoeconomicroundtable/videos/185950638

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