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Spinal injuries are more common than most people realize! Some of the lowest estimates of SCI (spinal cord injury) survivors in the U.S. is estimated to be around 250,000.

A spinal injury can happen very quickly, and unfortunately can last a lifetime. Usually, the injury begins when a significant force to the spine causes the bones of the vertebrae to fracture or disclocate. Fibers of the cord get bruised or torn by the bones or other structures such as the spinal discs, or ligaments, pressing on them.

When fibers of the cord are damage, then the communication between the brain and the rest of the body is damaged as well. Communications can’t get past the damage area and functions that depend on block signals are lost. Depending on how many fibers are injured, the spinal cord injury can vary tremendously. Some of these injuries can even result in a drastic loss of function.


A San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer will have the education and resources to help you with every aspect of your claim. The Adjadj Legal Group prides itself in providing zealous representation of our clients and making sure they receive the proper compensation. We take spinal cord injuries very seriously and will fight for your rights! We will make sure you do not settle for less and will do the fighting for you while you recover from your injury.


The only possible way to achieve financial stability in the aftermath of a spinal cord injury from the at-fault party could be to file a claim. The average lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury can range between $1.5 million to $5 million depending on the seriousness of the injury. A successful spinal cord injury lawsuit may be the only way to secure compensation for various damages.

Various Damages and Expenses:

Lifelong Medical costs are the largest expenses when it comes to a spinal cord injury. These include appointments, rehabilitation and therapy sessions, medications, nursing-care, and surgeries.

Disability Costs
If your injury caused permanent disability, you may be eligible to recover related expense. An example of cost is paying for a wheelchair or even modifications to your home to accommodate your disability.

Lost Earning Capacity
Any type of spinal cord injury could put you out of work. You may be able to recover the costs of your initial missed wages during the time of your accident, as well as future lost capacity.

Property Damage Reimbursement
If the accident that caused your injury also resulted in damage to your property, such as a wrecked vehicle, you could receive payment for what it will cost to repair or replace the damaged item.

If you suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, your claim could be worth a significant amount. Even a minor spine injury could result in compensation to cover your medical expenses and related losses.

Increase your chances of securing full compensation from a defendant in San Diego by hiring an attorney. The Adjadj Legal Group can evaluate your claim and give you an estimate of what it could be worth.


Car accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injuries in the U.S. A car accident could cause damage to the nerves, vertebrae, rubber disks and fluids that surround the spine due to the extreme forces exerted on the body.

The body can fly forward and strike elements inside the vehicle, for example, such as the steering column or windshield. This can lead to fractures in the neck or spine. In accidents involving proper use of seat belts and airbag deployment, spinal cord injuries are significantly less likely.

CAUSES OF Spinal Cord Injuries
Most SCIs since 2010 have been caused by:

Vehicular crashes (36.5%)
Falls (28.5 %)
Assaults and violence (14.3%)
Athletic activity (9.2%)
Injuries above C-6 leave the victim unable to perform basic functions (at least with the therapy and technology currently available).

Typical long term consequences of SCI include:

  • Shorter life span
  • Difficulty finding and keeping a job; the degree of difficulty depends on a mix of the severity of injury and the victim’s personality
  • Loss of critical functions (mobility, bowel and bladder, etc.)
  • Mood, behavioral and emotional changes that may be severe
  • Chronic or intermittent pain (sometimes in parts of the body which has lost feeling)

It is common for the survivor of a disabling spinal cord injury to be unable to return to work. Some victims may be able to train for new positions that accommodate their disabilities, while others may have injuries severe enough to put them out of work entirely. If you have a life-altering injury that interferes with your ability to work, you may have a few options for financial assistance.

Settlement or jury verdict. Going up against the at-fault party in pursuit of a settlement or judgment award could end in compensation for your past and future lost wages and lost capacity to earn. This includes an estimate of what you foreseeably would have earned over your lifetime were it not for the injury.


In the days following a serious accident, insurance companies may contact you to resolve your claim quickly, but it may not be in your best interest. They are looking out for the insurance providers or parties involved in the fault of the accident. They will try to settle your claim for a low amount to simply try and save money. We will take them on and fight for you. There are many common tactics an insurance adjuster will try and use to get you to settle as quickly as possible. Get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately!

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