San Diego Boat Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been in a boat accident and been injured? You may be entitled to financial compensation! Living in San Diego, we quite frequently hear about auto accidents, but rarely boat accidents. In this geographic territory we have a lot of water attractions that can often lead to serious injuries. There are distinct rules and regulations for operating a boat and if these aren’t followed correctly and it results in an accident, you will need a reliable lawyer to get the financial compensation you deserve.

Boaters are held just as accountable as automobile drivers are held accountable in auto accidents. The attorneys at The Adjadj Legal group have earned the trust of the San Diego community because of our dedication and influence in helping those that have suffered an injury in an accident. If you’ve been in a San Diego boat accident and feel that the rules and regulations weren’t followed correctly, please call us today! 619-432-5145.

Do I Need a San Diego Boating Accident Lawyer?

Medical bills can become expensive if you’ve been injured in a boat accident. Not to mention the loss of time at work and your own personal pain. Things can get confusing and stressful, we can take that stress of your back and work on your behalf for your claim! Don’t let the stress overtake your life.

Having a lawyer can be very helpful to take on your case. We will talk to witnesses, talk to experts, and make the legal arguments necessary to get you as much compensation as possible. With The Adjadj Legal Group, we will fight to earn you all the money you need to pay for your medical expenses, with undue stress to you.


You should not have to suffer as a result of a boating accident that was not your fault, and The Adjadj Legal Group is dedicated to helping you seek compensation for any suffering you have experienced. Adjadj Legal Group (ALG) is a trusted civil litigation law firm. ALG provides responsive and trusted representations to both individual plaintiffs and corporate clientele.

Boating is typically a spring and summer “sport,” which unfortunately coincides with holiday weekends and heavy drinking. Alcohol typically is the primary factor in most boating accidents and is a serious offense. We will take the time to look into the circumstances to ensure that you have a case and if alcohol is related, you definitely have a case if it was due to neglect.

The top contributing factors to these accidents are:

Operator inattention
Improper lookout
Operator inexperience
Excessive speed
Alcohol use


Injuries people can sustain in a boating accident can occur for many reasons, including:

Collision with another boat or structure
Wave runner/jet ski collision
Boat passengers thrown overboard
Refueling explosions
Injuries from contact with a boat propeller
Equipment failures
Hitting a large wave at excessive speed
Overcrowding a boat or vessel

Boat operators are held to a high standard of care to prevent devastating injuries from occurring, so when a boat operator neglects to take the proper precautions, they should be liable for any resulting injuries.

The San boat accident attorney at The Adjadj Legal Group understand the devastating injuries that can result from these kinds of accidents. Things can go from a relaxing summer sport to devastation very easily! Call today! 619-432-5145

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