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Operative treatment
The surgery is performed as a day case procedure under local or general anaesthetic. The surgery takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending upon how severe the condition has become. A tourniquet is not usually used if the procedure is performed wide awake with local anaesthetic.

The surgery is performed through a zigzag type incision in the palm and along the finger. The skin flaps are elevated and great care is taken not to injure nerves and blood vessels to the finger. The Dupuytren’s disease removed. Occasionally in more advanced cases a skin graft needs to be placed over the wound. The skin is taken from the forearm or groin (for larger grafts). The tourniquet, if used, is then released and any bleeding controlled. The skin is sutured with absorbable stitches and a bulky dressing is applied with a Plaster of Paris slab for immobilisation.

In all my cases the skin sutures are dissolvable and avoids the painstaking and uncomfortable removal of the tiny stitches that are inserted.

Overall more than 95% of patients are happy with the result. However complications can occur.
There are complications specific to Dupuytren’s surgery and also general complications associated with hand surgery.

Recurrence: the disease will always recur, however, most patients have a long lasting result that they are happy with.

Failure to completely straighten the finger (particularly after the 2nd and 3rd time surgery or advanced disease).

Injury to the blood vessels and nerves to the finger (very much less than 1%) may leave one side of the finger numb. If this occurs the wound should be explored and if injured, the nerve repaired.

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