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CVS Pharmacies fill millions of prescriptions and employ numerous pharmacists each year. Devastatingly these CVS pharmacists make innumerable mistakes. CVS Pharmacy errors include:

– Dispersing Wrong Dosages
– Pharmacy Mislabeling Mistakes
– Dispersing Incorrect Medications
– Dispersing Wrong Medications
– Other Prescription Errors

While there are numerous CVS prescription errors, not all are actionable. A victim of a pharmacy error may only recover compensation for the resulting harm when there are quantifiable damages often ones with devastating consequences.  If you’ve suffered from a CVS Pharmacy Error, our attorneys will fight on your behalf to get you justice!  We have the experience to get you results!

CVS Pharmacy Error Lawyer

Pharmacies and pharmacists owe patients a duty of care to dispense drugs in a safe and diligent manner. This duty requires that pharmacist dispense the correct medications, the proper dosages and that the medication is dispersed to the correct patient. When there is a breach of that duty, it is necessary to hold the pharmacy accountable to compensate victims and bring about necessary changes to pharmacy’s policies and procedures.

Most common CVS Pharmacy Errors

CVS Pharmacy Overdose Errors — An overdose error could be the result of the if the dosage dispensed is incorrect.
CVS Pharmacy Underdose Errors — A patient with a serious medical condition, receiving less than the required dose can be injured as a result of receiving a dangerously low dose.
CVS Pharmacy Error Resulting in Toxicity — Toxicity can result from an extremely high dosage of a filled prescription.
Poisoning Resulting from CVS Pharmacy Error — A patient can be poised if the prescription is not accurately filled.
Death Resulting from CVS Pharmacy Error — Most devastatingly a pharmacy error can result in the death of a patient. Although it is completely preventable, there are many deaths that are linked pharmacies and their errors.

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