San Diego Product Liability Lawyer

Are you one of the thousands of people hurt every year by a dangerous or defective product?

Every year, thousands of men, women and children are hurt by dangerous and/or defective products.

Our San Diego product liability lawyers know that injuries from a defective product can range from mild bruises, fractures, concussions, to serious brain injury, wrongful death, and even paralysis.

Dangerous and defective products are everywhere!

While any defective or poorly-designed product can lead to an injury, here are some examples of the most-common product liability claims:

Defective Medical Devices: These have been very common in unexpected health effects and this even includes dangerous prescription drugs
Nursing homes with hospital beds may have unsafe bed rails that can cause entrapments or falls off the bed.
Food can be recalled after being tainted, leading to consumer health problems and potentially death.
Household Products: Including children’s toys, kitchen appliances, power tools, or even firearms
Equipment can generate excessive heat and ignite nearby materials
Defective auto parts can cause car accidents resulting in serious injury
These are just a few examples of the many defective product cases around.

Product liability is an entire field that is dedicated to protecting consumers. The laws govern how products are manufactured, sold, recalled, and designed.

The product liability lawyers at The Adjadj Legal Group understand these laws, and understand that a products chain of custody from beginning to end can be held accountable for damages suffered in a product liability case. There are many ways that a product manufacturer or supplier can be held responsible for injuries caused by a dangerous product.

Various Product Liabilities include:

Design Defect
With a design defect, these products we’re already unsafe before they were manufactured. The product may seem safe and works, but a design flaw could make the product dangerous. It is a product liability lawyer’s responsibility to hold designers and manufacturers accountable for their mistakes. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Manufacturing Defect
Oftentimes a product is designed very well, but was manufactured incorrectly. Sometimes these products can be widespread or possibly only just a handful or products from a particular line. We believe each victims have a valid grievance if they have been injured due to a manufacturing defect.

Marketing Defect
A “marketing defect” is when consumers are not properly instructed on maintenance requirements, potential dangers of a product, or even just instructed on the proper use of the product. Manufacturers who fail to provide warnings on how to use or assemble a product, can face a product liability lawsuit.

If you feel that you have been injured because of a defective or otherwise unsafe product, you may be entitled to seek monetary damages under California product liability law. San Diego product liability attorney Diana Adjadj and her firm of legal experts can give you the best chance at recovering the compensation you deserve. Please call 1-619-432-5145 or email us about your case today, and let us fight for you!

We can hold accountable those responsible for the pain and suffering caused to you and your family.

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