TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI linked to higher risk of PTSD, Depression

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI linked to higher risk of PTSD, Depression

February 27, 2019

Events that lead to traumatic brain injury are often also psychological.  Recent studies explore the convergence of two signature injuries: TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  Quoting from a recent CNN article:  “A mild traumatic brain injury — such as from a car crash or violent assault — may come with a higher risk of mental health problems, according to a new study.

In reaching their conclusion, CNN relied on a recent TBI Study that was published in the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry, the link to the article is as follows:


This study found that among hospital patients, 21.2% of those with mild traumatic brain injuries experienced PTSD or depression up to six months after injury, compared with 12.1% of those with non-head injuries.

This study considered 1,155 patients with mild traumatic brain injuries and 230 with non-head injuries from 11 hospitals with trauma centers across the United States, between 2014 and 2016.Among the mild traumatic brain injuries, 61.8% were caused by motor vehicle collision, 29.2% were the result of a fall or other unintentional injury, 6.1% were caused by violence or assault, and 3% were from an unspecified cause



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