Negligence Resulting in Post-Traumatic Dupuytren’s Disease

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Who does it affect?
Usually males over the age of 40 years, occasionally females.

What is Dupuytren’s and why does it occur?
Dupuytren’s disease is a thickening of the palmar fascia in the hand and fingers. I refer to it in lay mans terms as a type of canvas that sticks the skin to the deeper structures, giving firmness to the palm and fingers allowing a good grip. This is in contrast to the back of the hand where the skin is mobile and would not provide such rigidity to pick objects if on the palm.

In the palmar fascia there are cells called myofibroblasts. In Dupuytren’s disease these cells multiply, proliferate and eventually contract. They form nodules and cords like structures in the palm and finger that gradually pull the fingers over into the palm.

There are a number of risk factors associated with developing Dupuytren’s disease. These include amongst others: genetic (inherited), diabetes, excess alcohol intake, epilepsy and/or its treatment. In the vast majority of patients we do not know why they develop the disease, but is probably inherited to some extent.

Thickening and cord like structures develop gradually in the palm and extend into the fingers causing the fingers to roll up into the palm. An advanced case is shown in the photograph at the top of the page. In the initial stages the nodules can be tender but the pain usually settles. Symptoms can arise such as :

– an inability to place the hand flat on a table,
– catching your eye with a finger when washing your face,
– inability to get a hand in pocket,
– and problems shaking hands.

Clinical Examination
The disease is usually very easy to diagnose and has a very characteristic appearance. Nodules and cord like structures develop in the palm and may extend down onto the front of the finger. As the disease progresses the fingers may curl over into the palm.

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